Your Clients are Your Business!

Centralized Dashboard

Monitor all your client locations from a centralized dashboard in real-time. See how many cars are parked, how many have been released and how many are waiting as it happens.

Busy Threshold

Set the max number of cars that can be requested to be picked up at any given moment.

Employee Monitoring

Our complimentary employee app allows you to see in real time where your employees are at all times when they arrive at their job.


Check-in a vehichle using only the customer's phone number

Notify Customer

Seng SMS messages to the customer through the app in case of emergency.

Closing Nofification

With single click send a bulk message to all the customers that the Valet is about to close.

Payment Options

Customers can pay using Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or use their Credit Card.

Contact Us

Contact Us using contact form below. Form is fully working and very easy to customise.

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